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Toyota land cruiser Prado workshop manual

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a mid-size four-wheel drive car inside the Toyota Land Cruiser range. In Europe the 2014 Prado is designated Land Cruiser LC3, LC4, plus LC5, depending found on the equipment degrees. Prados have ladder frames, two-speed transfer boxes

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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Petrol Diesel 1996 - 2009 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual covers 95 120 Series Petrol and Diesel 4 Cylinder and 6 Cylinder Wagon.Petrol Engines covered:* 2.7 litre "3RZ-FE" 4 cylindere 16v DOHC* 3.4 litre "5VZ-FE" V6 24v DOHC* 4.0 litre "1GR-FE" V6 24v DOHCDiesel Engines Covered:* 3.0 litre "1KZ-TE" Turbo* 3.0 litre "1KD-FTV" TurboContents:* Introductory PagesAbout this Manual; Introduction to the Toyota Land Cruiser; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter Equivalents; Jacking and Towing; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting* Tune-up and routine maintenance* Engine* General engine overhaul procedures* Cooling heating and air conditioning* Fue related info


Toyota 1KZ-TE Engine Workshop and Repair Manual NEW - softcover Toyota reprint in A5 format of the 1KZ-TE diesel engine genuine workshop manual (engine only). The 1KZ-TE engine was found in Toyota Hi-lux LN series as well as Toyota Surf and Toyota Prado. Covers * Diagnostics * Engine Mechanical * Turbocharger * Emission Control * Electronic Control Diesel * Engine Fuel * Cooling * Lubrication * Starting click the link

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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4WD Petrol and Diesel 1996 - 2009 Gregorys Owners Service and Repair Manual NEW Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 4WD Petrol Diesel 1996 - 2009 Gregorys Owners Service Repair Manual covers 95 and 120 Series: Wagon RV GXL VX Grande Petrol Engines Covered: - 2.7 litre "3RZ-FE" 4 Cylinder - 3.4 litre "5VZ-FE" V6 DOHC 24v - 4.0 litre "1GR-FE" V6 DOHC 24v Diesel Engine Covered: - 3.0 litre "1KZ-TE" Turbo - 3.0 litre "1KD-FTV" Turbo Contents: - Introductory Pages About this Manual; Introduction to the Toyota Prado; Vehicle Identification Numbers; Buying Parts; Maintenance Techniques Tools and Working Facilities; Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter Equivalents; Jacking and Towing; Booster Battery (jump) starting; Automotive Chemicals and Lubricants; Conversion Factors; Safety First!; Troubleshooting -Routine Maintenance - 2.7 litre 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine - 3.4 litre V6 Petrol Engine - 4.0 litre V6 Petrol Engine - 3.0 litre 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine - General Engine overhaul Procedures - Cooling Heating and Air Conditioning - Fuel and Exhaust Systems - Petrol Engines - Fuel and Exhaust Systems - Diesel Engines - Engine Electr full details

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a mid-size four-wheel drive car inside the Toyota Land Cruiser range. It is yielded by the Japanese auto creator, Toyota Motor Corporation. The Prado is regarded as the small cars inside the range. The 2014 Prado is based about Toyota's J150 platform.

In Europe the 2014 Prado is designated Land Cruiser LC3, LC4, plus LC5, depending found on the equipment degrees. The Prado will furthermore be refereed with because Land Cruiser LC70, LC90, LC120, plus LC150 depending found on the platform. In North America it's not element of the Land Cruiser range; the Toyota 4Runner replaces the Prado with standard trim when the Lexus GX 470 replaces the Prado with deluxe trim. The GX 470 utilizes practically identical body panels plus V8 engine.

Prados have ladder frames, two-speed transfer boxes plus back beam axles. The J70 platform has a front beam axle whilst the J90, J120, plus J150 platforms have front independent suspension

The 2014 Prado is obtainable in GX, GXL, VX, plus Grande versions. The GX is the entry level model, when the Grande is the deluxe adaptation. In many markets the Parado is accessible with a four.0 L V6 petrol engine or 3.0 L directly 4 Diesel engine. In certain European nations commercial van variants, based found on the short-wheelbase chassis. are accessible.

First developed because the light-duty car of the 70 Series, inside November 1984. Available just inside brief body, plus there were choices for soft top or difficult top. Names like Land Cruiser II, Land Cruiser, plus Bundera were prepared for these 'Light Duty' Land Cruisers. The Bundera became a medium wheelbase two-door with a plastic top plus barn doorways at the back. There were 3 choices for the engine, the 2.4 L 22R petrol engine plus 2.4 L 2L plus 2L-T diesel plus turbo diesel motors. Transmission for the gasoline engine is the G52 kind when the diesels selected the R150 plus R151 kinds. These were the same motors plus transmission utilized inside 4Runner, inside cooperation with Hino.
Many designs of gas injection have been utilized over the course of the 20th century.

Many present-day diesel machines employ a mechanical single plunger high-pressure gas pump driven by the engine crankshaft. For every engine cylinder, the related plunger inside the gas pump measures out the correct amount of gas plus determines the timing of every injection. These machines employ injectors which are extremely precise spring-loaded valves which open plus close at a certain gas stress. Separate high-pressure gas lines connect the gas pump with every cylinder. Fuel amount for every single combustion is controlled with a slanted groove inside the plunger that rotates just a some levels releasing the stress plus is controlled with a mechanical governor, consisting of weights rotating at engine speed constrained by springs along with a lever. The injectors are held open by the gas stress. On high-speed machines the plunger pumps are together inside 1 device. The size of gas lines within the pump with every injector is usually the same for every cylinder inside purchase to get the same stress delay.

A cheaper configuration about high-speed motors with fewer than six cylinders is with utilize an axial-piston distributor pump, consisting of 1 rotating pump plunger delivering gas with a valve plus line for every cylinder.

Many contemporary systems have a single gas pump that supplies gas continually at excellent stress with a prevalent rail with every injector. Every injector has a solenoid operated by an electronic control device, causing more exact control of injector starting occasions which rely about additional control conditions, like engine speed plus loading, plus providing greater engine performance plus gas economy.

Both mechanical plus electronic injection systems is selected inside either direct or indirect injection designs.

Two-stroke diesel motors with mechanical injection pumps is inadvertently run inside reverse, albeit inside a pretty inefficient way, potentially damaging the engine. Large ship two-stroke diesels are created with run inside either way, obviating the requirement for a gearbox.
Direct injection diesel machines have injectors installed at the best of the combustion room. The injectors are triggered utilizing 1 of 2 techniques - hydraulic stress within the gas pump, or an electronic signal from an engine controller.

Hydraulic stress triggered injectors will provide harsh engine sound. Fuel expenditure is regarding 15–20% lower than indirect injection diesels. The additional sound is usually not a condition for commercial uses of the engine, however, for automotive use, customers need to choose whether the improved gas efficiency might pay for the additional sound.

Electronic control of the gas injection changed the direct injection engine by permitting much better control over the combustion.

Solenoid or piezoelectric valves create potential fine electronic control over the gas injection time plus number, as well as the high stress which the well-known rail technologies makes accessible delivers greater gas atomisation. To lower engine sound, the engine's electronic control device will inject a tiny amount of diesel before the key injection event, therefore reducing its explosiveness plus vibration, plus optimising injection timing plus number for variations inside gas standard, cold beginning etc. Some advanced well-known rail gas systems work because various because five injections per stroke.

Common rail machines need the quite brief with no heating-up time, depending about ambient temperature, plus provide lower engine sound plus emissions than elder systems.

Diesel motors have historically chosen many types of gas injection. Two normal kinds include the device injection program as well as the distributor/inline pump systems. While these elder systems offered exact gas amount plus injection timing control, they were limited by many factors:

They were cam driven, plus injection stress was proportional with engine speed. This usually meant which the greatest injection stress can just be attained at the greatest engine speed as well as the maximum achievable injection stress reduced because engine speed reduced. This relationship is true with all pumps, even those utilized about popular rail systems. With device or distributor systems, the injection stress is linked with the instant stress of the single pumping event without accumulator, and therefore the relationship is a bit more prominent plus troublesome.
They were limited inside the quantity plus timing of injection occasions which may be commanded throughout a single combustion event. While several injection occasions are potential with these elder systems, it is actually more difficult plus costly with achieve.
For the typical distributor/inline program, the begin of injection happened at a pre-determined stress plus ended at a pre-determined stress. This characteristic resulted from "dummy" injectors inside the cylinder head that opened plus shut at pressures determined by the spring preload used with the plunger inside the injector. When the stress inside the injector reached a pre-determined level, the plunger might lift plus injection might begin.

In usual rail systems, a high-pressure pump shops a reservoir of gas at excellent stress — as much as plus above 2,000 bars. The expression "normal rail" pertains with the truth which the gas injectors are provided with a popular gas rail that is nothing over a stress accumulator where the gas is stored at excellent stress. This accumulator supplies several gas injectors with high-pressure gas. This simplifies the cause of the high-pressure pump because it just must keep the commanded stress at a target. The gas injectors are usually ECU-controlled. Whenever the gas injectors are electrically triggered, a hydraulic valve is mechanically or hydraulically opened plus gas is sprayed into the cylinders at the desired stress. Because the gas stress vitality is stored remotely as well as the injectors are electrically actuated, the injection stress at the begin plus end of injection is especially close to the stress inside the accumulator, therefore producing a square injection rate. If the accumulator, pump plus plumbing are sized correctly, the injection stress plus rate is the same for every of the numerous injection occasions.
In cold weather, significant speed diesel machines is difficult with begin considering the mass of the cylinder block plus cylinder head absorb the heat of compression, preventing ignition due with the high surface-to-volume ratio. Pre-chambered motors use tiny electrical heaters inside the pre-chambers called glowplugs, when the direct-injected motors have these glowplugs inside the combustion room.

Many motors employ resistive heaters inside the consumption manifold with warm the inlet air for beginning, or till the engine reaches working temperature. Engine block heaters associated with the utility grid are utilized inside cold climates whenever an engine is turned off for extended periods, with decrease startup time plus engine wear. Block heaters are equally chosen for emergency force standby Diesel-powered generators that should quickly choose up weight about a force failure. In the past, a wider range of cold-start techniques were selected. Many motors, like Detroit Diesel machines chosen a program with introduce little amounts of ether into the inlet manifold with commence combustion. Others chosen a mixed program, with a resistive heater burning methanol. An impromptu way, especially about out-of-tune motors, is with manually spray an aerosol may of ether-based engine starter fluid into the intake air stream.
In April 1990, a hot kind was introduced. The front grille, front fenders plus engine bonnet were redesigned. The head lamp shape changed too. At the same time the sub name Prado was connected, however, names like Land Cruiser plus Land Cruiser II were nonetheless employed inside additional components of the planet besides Japan. Meaning plain or field inside Portuguese, Prado the unique line from Land Cruiser was advertised towards more on-road reasons, despite a body about frame shape that was very capable off-road.

In Japan it came with electronic gas injection along with a 4 speed automatic transmission. The 2.4 L turbo diesel engine with 71 kW plus 240 N·m excellent torque device was installed. The line up included 2-door plus 4-door versions obtainable in SX, LX or EX grades of trim.

The front suspension was changed with a "shock absorber by spring" shape with boost handling. With the touch of the switch we can change between stages of absorber. The 22R gasoline engine was upgraded with the 22R-E engine, the diesel machines were changed by the 2.8 L 3L engine, as well as the 2.4 L 2L-T turbo diesel engine was changed by the electronically injected 2L-TE turbo diesel engine. In 1993, the 22R-E gasoline engine was changed by the 2.7 L 3RZ-FE gasoline engine as well as the 2L-TE turbo diesel engine was changed by the 3.0 L 1KZ-TE turbo diesel engine with aluminium cylinder head. The 1KZ-TE was capable with lessen NOx plus soot. The dash board was changed with a modern shape with minor changes with suspension, brakes, plus trim details
In May 1996, the J70 series underwent a makeover plus surfaced because the J90 series Prado, an independent series. The body was lengthened. The shape stayed medium duty, like the J70. The front suspension was changed with an independent shape, shared with Tacoma plus Hilux Surf, created by Hino. The J90 was produced by Tahara Plant, accessible because a three-door brief wheelbase plus five-door lengthy wheelbase variation.

In Japan, the 3-door series began with an R inside the series ranging from RZ, RX, RS with RJ whilst the 5-door line-up began with T inside the series ranging from TZ, TX, TS, with TJ. All models came with front double wishbone plus 4 connected suspension and full-time 4WD. ABS along with a Field Monitor showing altimeter, thermometer plus stress were standard in every the models. The field monitor wasn't accessible because standard equipment inside South Africa. Television show plus sound set was optional.

Gasoline motors included the 2.7 L 3RZ-FE plus, brand-new inside Prado models, the 3.4 L V6 5VZ-FE. Diesel motors were the 2.8 L 3L engine, the 3.0 L 5L engine as well as the 3.0 L 1KZ-TE.

There was furthermore a deluxe adaptation of the J90, called the Challenger. Features of the Challenger are standard leather seats plus lumber found on the dash.

By June 1999, minor changes were created. In purchase to adhere to unique regulations, fog-lamps were put into the bumper, except inside South Africa. In July 2000, a new diesel engine, the 3.0 L Common Rail Diesel Injection 1KD-FTV was introduced into this model. To lessen theft, an engine immobilizer was accessible. TX Limited with 8 seats selected TX base with rooftop rail, back beneath mirror, lumber panel finish, arm rest, optitron meter, base cooling and also back heater was introduced into this series.

The Prado was assembled by Sofasa inside Colombia from 1999 till 2009 without immense changes. There were 2 versions, a 3-door with a 2.7 L engine plus 5-door with a 3.4 L V6 engine with either a 5-speed guide or perhaps a 4-speed automatic. Between 2005 plus 2009 they available an optional armoured variation of the 5-door adaptation.

Whenever the Prado was established inside the UK inside 1996, it was called the Land Cruiser Colorado plus changed the 4Runner, that had been discontinued from sale. It was called this with distinguish it within the bigger Land Cruiser – renamed because the Land Cruiser Amazon – that was absolutely about sale. It dropped the Colorado name tag inside 2003, whenever it was renamed merely Land Cruiser. In the Republic of Ireland many Land Cruisers were available because commercials with all the side windows plus seats removed for taxes factors.
Appearing inside 2002, the 3rd generation Prado has revised front suspension with boost dependability, along with a hot body developed at the Toyota ED2 shape studio inside France from 1998 with early 2000.

Engines include the 2.7 L straight-4 3RZ-FE, 3.4 L V-6 5VZ-FE plus 3.0 L straight-4 Turbo diesel 1KZ-TE. In nations like China, a newly developed engine 1GR-FE V6 is accessible. The engine immobilizer became standard equipment inside several markets.

In August 2004, the 3RZ-FE engine was changed by 2.7 L 2TR-FE engine plus inside July 2005, the 5VZ-FE engine was changed by four.0 L V6 1GR-FE engine with 5-speed automatic transmission obtainable in late 2005. In North America, this model is recognised as the Lexus GX 470 with all the four.7 L V8 2UZ-FE engine engine.

Diesel models have had the 1KZ-TE turbo diesel engine with maximum output rating 96 kW plus the 5L-E all-natural aspirated diesel engine rating 70 kW. In November 2006, Toyota introduced the 1KD-FTV Turbo Diesel of force plus 410 N·m of torque. The upgrade with the D-4D engine was equally paired with transmission updates with the diesel range, with all the 5-speed automatic plus 6-speed guide transmissions added inside line with all the petrol driven range. From August 2007 the Prado received many equipment plus protection upgrades. The automobile has claimed 3 awards for the greatest performance about a SUV kind car inside Australia plus US.

The 120-series Land Cruiser Prado shares the same suspension components because the active generation Hilux Surf/4Runner plus FJ Cruiser.

There is a less 3 door variation of the 120-series, with a 125-code rather of 120. Engines are the same, many attributes are the same; really the 1KZ-TE was just obtainable in five door variation. The 3 door wagon qualities just 2 seat rows. The gas tank is limited with 87 L, no sub-fuel-tank program accessible.

For model year 2007 about Japanese models just, G-BOOK, a subscription telematics service, is available because an alternative. In China, Dadi Car prepared a clone of the suv called the Dadi Shuttle.
Many diesels are today turbocharged plus several are both turbo charged plus supercharged. Because diesels never have gas inside the cylinder before combustion is initiated, multiple bar of air is loaded inside the cylinder without preignition. A turbocharged engine may make more energy than a naturally aspirated engine of the same configuration, because having more air inside the cylinders enables more gas with be burnt and therefore more force with be yielded. A supercharger is driven mechanically by the engine's crankshaft, when a turbocharger is driven by the engine exhaust, not requiring any mechanical energy. Turbocharging could enhance the gas economy of diesel machines by recovering waste heat within the exhaust, improving the extra air element, plus improving the ratio of engine output with friction losses.

A two-stroke engine refuses to have a discrete exhaust plus consumption stroke and therefore is unable of self-aspiration. So all two-stroke machines should be fitted with a blower with charge the cylinders with air plus aid inside dispersing exhaust gases, a task called scavenging. In some situations, the engine will additionally be fitted with a turbocharger, whose output is guided into the blower inlet.

A limited designs employ a crossbreed turbocharger for scavenging plus charging the cylinders, that device is mechanically driven at cranking plus low speeds with act because a blower, yet that works because a true turbocharger at high speeds plus plenty. A crossbreed turbocharger may revert with compressor mode throughout commands for big increases inside engine output energy.

As turbocharged or supercharged motors make more energy for a provided engine size than naturally aspirated motors, attention should be paid with the mechanical shape of components, lubrication, plus cooling with handle the energy. Pistons are cooled with lubrication oil sprayed found on the bottom of the piston. Large motors will employ water, sea water, or oil provided by telescoping pipes connected with the crosshead.

The 4th generation has been obtainable in certain markets because October 2009. There are 2 base variants, five-door plus three-door. The five door variant inside the general marketplace is available inside TXL & VXL grades – that are more choice packed. This generation of Prado qualities advanced 4WD plus an range of electronic devices. This generation of the Prado is available inside the US badged because the 2010 model year Lexus GX 460 with deluxe trim.

Depending available, the 4th generation is accessible with an under-floor installed or back door installed spare wheel. For instance, UK cars have the spare wheel installed below the floor, whilst inside Australia plus Argentina the spare wheel is installed found on the back door, exiting area for an auxiliary gas tank, that is desirable inside nations where extended journeys inside isolated regions can be needed. The gas capability of the double tank series 4 is 150 L compared with 179 L of the series 3.

The removable 3rd row three-seaters of the J120 were changed by fold-into-floor seats that seat just 2 persons – that is equally responsible for a reduction of cargo ability, the reduction inside duel gas capability plus usable height inside the cargo compartment. On the high end VX plus Kakadu models, there are six camera positions permitting watching with the front plus down, with the side both front plus back, plus with the back. The engine stayed the same, though the automatic gear change points were changed for maximum gas economy instead of maximum performance, even inside Sports mode.

The 4th generation Perado was introduced inside Australia about 16 November 2009. Five-door models include the GX, GXL, VX, as well as the high-end Kakadu. The Altitude model, introduced inside 2012, is priced between your GXL plus VX, plus has Satellite Navigation, two-way moon rooftop, leather accented trim, plus 7" Fujitsu-Ten touch-screen/multimedia center. Three-door less wheelbase models include the SX plus ZR.

IN late 2013, Toyota dropped the severely marketing 2-door Prado varients. 2013 furthermore saw a refresh, with more standard equipment, brand-new front panels, plus new headlights. Higher specification models received LED headlights plus suspension improvements.

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Workshop Manuals Toyota Prado service and repair manuals. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a mid-size four-wheel drive car inside the Toyota Land Cruiser range yielded by the Japanese auto machine Toyota Motor Corporation.In Europe it's available because merely the Toyota Land Cruiser LC3, LC4 or LC5 or with

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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Workshop Manual & Wiring Diagrams. Workshop repair service manuals, detailed illustrations, diagrams, wiring diagrams and specifications as well as step-by-step instructions. Covers Models: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado J150 Series. Engines: 4.0 L 1GR-FE V6 (petrol)

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Find everything you need to know about your 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser in the owners manual from Toyota Owners. Toyota Owners . Find A Dealer. ... Car covers are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase and do not assume any coverage under the Toyota New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

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Toyota Land Cruiser. A legendary model from Toyota, the Land Cruiser is available in the market from 1951 to till date. It is a series of four-wheel drive vehicles and the longest series in Toyota?s history. Toyota extensively tests this vehicle in the Australian outback, which is considered to be one of the toughest operating environments.

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Toyota Prado service repair workshop manual Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a mid-size four-wheel drive car inside the Toyota Land Cruiser range yielded by the Japanese automobile creator Toyota Motor Corporation.In Europe it happens to be available because just the Toyota Land Cruiser LC3, LC4 or


Summary of Contents for Toyota land cruiser prado Page 1 For your safety and comfort, read carefully and keep in the vehicle. Page 2 For important information about this manual and your Toyota, read the follow- ing pages carefully.

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